Exercise Centurion Gate

No 4 School of Technical Training (SofTT) based at MOD St Athan is the hub of Phase 2 Trade Training of all Trade Group 5 personnel.  Comprising of General Technician workshop (GTW), General Technician Mechanical (GTM) and General Technician Electrical (GTE), collectively they are the ground engineers of the Royal Air Force.  In the ever evolving environment that the RAF finds itself today, it is imperative that all personnel understand and are exposed to an array of scenarios which they may encounter when they deploy on operations anywhere in the world.  All Phase 2 trainees at No 4 SofTT are exposed to a Force Protection orientated scenario in the culminating chapter of their training, demonstrating not only their acquired trade skills from the previous 12 months but their core military attributes too.

Trainees ‘deploy’ to an austere environment to the north of the main MOD St Athan site for the gruelling 4 days exercise.  Removed from the familiar surroundings of their training classrooms and workshops, all trainees are challenged to complete a number of trade tasks, whilst also given the opportunity to develop their knowledge, confidence and teamwork.  Simultaneously, trainees must react to Force Protection based injects such as IDF attacks, ground attacks and a CBRN environment.  Assessed on both their trade knowledge application and attitude, all trainees must pass this element of their course to graduate.

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