This year’s Annual Reception not only provided the opportunity for MOD St Athan personnel to thank distinguished guests and members of the local community for their continued support of the Station, but also to showcase the RAF100 baton and events that the Unit had completed over this very important year both for the RAF and MOD St Athan.

The local communities surrounding MOD St Athan have always supported military personnel and their families in so many ways and continue to do so. The Annual Reception provides the opportunity to show our appreciation for their hard work in a more social setting and to share with them some of our long held traditions such as the Sunset Ceremony.

The evening concluded with Hosts escorting their Guests to the front of the Officers’ Mess to view the Sunset Ceremony. As they watched, the Parade of Royal Air Force Trainees from Number 4 School of Technical Training came to attention and gave the General Salute as three University of Wales Air Squadron aircraft flew overhead towards the setting sun. A lone bugler played as the Royal Air Force Ensign was lowered and the Parade marched past under the order of the Parade Commander, Flight Lieutenant Gemma Nagi.

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